Plant Pathology - Kaggle Competition

by Aaron Olson - Fri 08 May 2020

This analysis uses different image classification transfer learning techniques in order to predict the disease (or lack thereof) on plant leaves.

CIFAR 102 - Are Machine Learning Models Generalizable

by Shangyun Lv, Brad Nott, Aaron Olson - Sun 08 March 2020

Analysis of dataset composition and machine learning robustness to new data applied to CIFAR-10 dataset

Identifying Edible Plants

by Scott Xu, Divya Babu, Aaron Olson - Sun 08 December 2019

Combination of cloud computing and edge device for inference utilizing tensforflow image categorization model

Thoughts for Food: Food Image Caption Generation

by Gurdit Chahal & Aaron Olson - Thu 10 October 2019

Project to generate image captions from image - utilizing image classficiation model and NLP model

Click Through Rate Prediction

Utilization of big data workflows in Spark to implement gradient boosted tree algorithm to predict CTR

Music Churn Prediction

Handle large dataset >30GB in order to predict music churn

Time Series Analysis - Driving Records 25 year history United States

by Himal Suthar, XT Nguyen, Aaron Olson - Thu 08 March 2018

Statistical Analysis applied to Retail Sales