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Plant Pathology - Kaggle Competition

Fri 08 May 2020 by Aaron Olson / posts

This analysis uses different image classification transfer learning techniques in order to predict the disease (or lack thereof) on plant leaves.

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CIFAR 102 - Are Machine Learning Models Generalizable

Sun 08 March 2020 by Shangyun Lv, Brad Nott, Aaron Olson / posts

Analysis of dataset composition and machine learning robustness to new data applied to CIFAR-10 dataset

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Identifying Edible Plants

Sun 08 December 2019 by Scott Xu, Divya Babu, Aaron Olson / posts

Combination of cloud computing and edge device for inference utilizing tensforflow image categorization model

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Thoughts for Food: Food Image Caption Generation

Thu 10 October 2019 by Gurdit Chahal & Aaron Olson / posts

Project to generate image captions from image - utilizing image classficiation model and NLP model

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